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I really appreciate the care and attention your whole team have put into handling my injury.  Smooth and friendly administration, promp and plentiful information makes the whole process much easier to cope with, and reassures me I'm in really good hands.  Kind regards, Kevin

- Kevin Charleston

Hi Elsje,

Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone at Vincent Pallotti who made my trip to Cape Town so easy.  Everybody was kind and welcoming and my treatment from start to finish was brilliant!  Please also pass on my thanks to Dr Steve, as you can see from the attached photo all is good. I look foward to seeing you all again in December. Once again, thank you! Kind regards, Alan

- Mr Alan Dalton

From Finn

- Finn

Dear Dr. Carter and A team, 

This letter is long overdue, but it is to thank you for the professional way I was treated as a patient at your practice, and at Life Sport science Surgical Centre.  I had hand surgery done earlier this year, and from the first consultation up to now, it was pleasant, professional and an all over lovely experience.  Elsje and Rashelda handled all the documentation and explained everything in detail to me, to make sure that I do not need to worry about a thing.  They were friendly and SO efficient. They followed up after the operation, and made an everlasting impression.

Dr. Carter is in a league of his own, as far as I am concerned, and the surgery and aftercare were brilliant.  No wonder he is so well respected and known.  Dr. Eitner who was the anaesthetist, was amazing and very caring. He phoned me the evening after surgery to make sure that I am pain free and that I am taking my medication.  He took care of me in a gentle, caring way. The staff at Sport Science, right from the reception to the theatre, to the day ward was efficient, caring and professional, yet so friendly that I really felt very special.  Even the guard at the gate, the cleaners and everyone was a pleasure and helped to have made this an altogether pleasant, wonderful stay.  

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and can only recommend you!

Kind regards Joey Bezant, Pre Admission Clinical Assessor

- Joey Bezant

Thank you so much Elsje, you are so efficient and helpful.  I appreciate your service-orientation.  Regards, Cheryl

- Cheryl Leite

Dear Doctor Carter,
Thank you so much for sorting out my wrist on the 20th of May.  It was absolute agony for about 36 hours after the injection (real need-to-take-painkillers-now), but then it settled.  I am very pleased to report that I am feeling drastically better.  I am once again smiling and treating patients without gritting teeth in between…

Thank you so much for your kindness and your care + generosity.  It is much appreciated.
Take care, Helene Simpson

- Helene Simpson

Dear Elsje, Thank you very much for dealing with the documents requested by Dr Little of the Oxford Hand Clinic.  I played 9 holes of golf for the first time since the accident today and everything went well - no pain, no screws pinging off into the undergrowth. Best wishes to you and your team - I have very good memories of my experience at the Cape Clinic. 

With best wishes, Caroline Jackson

- Caroline Jackson

Hi Elsje,

Thank you for sending on Doc Steve’s letter.

I would be grateful if you would pass on my very kind regards to him and I will be in touch again when the procedures listed therein have been successfully completed. 

Although I came Down South for the hand surgery, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed myself and appreciated the excellent attention I received.

Best regards,

Richard Woodall

- Richard Woodall

Hello!  Just a note to let you know that my wrist is really much improved and I'm back to work!  Going carefully and slowly, but feel like I have my right hand back!! Thank you all so much for being excellent in every way.   Kind regards, Lironne

- Lironne Cohen

Morning Rashaldah, trust you are well.
Good news for me on this Wednesday morning. Dr Carter definitely is a GREAT Doctor with a good heart.  Will thank him personally with our next visit.  Hope you have a splendid day.
Regards, Janice Jansen

- Janice Jansen

Hi, thanks very much for your very prompt response.  Very impressive service!

Regards, Penny

- Penny Middelkoop

Hi Dr Carter, Just wanted to drop you a mail and thank you for making a marked difference to my finger with your injecting technique. Experiencing a vast improvement!
Regards and thanks, Ann Steel

- Ann Steel

Hi Elsje, It's been a long time and I hope you're doing well and the Doctor is still a happy man. I would like to let you know that the surgery on the wrist has been very successful, the scar is healing nicely, I have 90% of my movements back to normal (still a bit stiff to bent totally). There is few pressure every now and again, surely due to the scar tissues inside healing slowly but surely.  Voila :)   I just wanted to give some news.  Have a good week.  Kind regards, Antoine Dauchat

- Antoine Dauchat

Dear Elsje,
I hope you are well.  Thank you very much for all the support and compassion it was very much appreciated.  Warm regards, Symmone Wilson

- Symmone Wilson

Hi Steve, Spennie and Elsje,

A big thank you from all of us!  Kitra is totally chuffed with her new feet. She put her Cindarella shoes on this morning (see pic, the purple ones with the hearts) and couldn't stop smiling when she realised that the shoes fitted perfectly.  Previously her extra toes had to be coaxed through a gap in the plastic on the side; now she has a little fairy tale with a happy ending all of her own. 
It was such fun buying the gold and diamond shoes for the girls last week. They had been promised shiny shoes to celebrate the toe chopping (Kitra's choice of words) as soon as Kitra was ready.  Apologies for the blurred pics but it was impossible to keep the girls still in their excitement.
We really appreciate how well you looked after us (the patient and the hyper-stressed-out parents!).  Kind regards and thanks again!

Kitra, Jo and Ryan 

- Jo-Ann McLoughlin

Dear Dr Carter,

Again I want to thank you very, very much for re-pairing my hand so that I have a pair of hands again!  My first pair I pretty much used up during the nearby 77 years of my life;  so I really should reconsider what I do with the "new" pair from now on!

Thanks to your wonderful skills I, as well as a crowd of other grateful patients, have a second chance to do and make things.   I thank you again and wish you many, many years of satisfaction and joy from your own handiwork in re-pairing hand = lives!!!

Thumbs up!!  Take care!

Konstanze Harms

- Mrs Konstanze Harms

Hi Doctor Carter,

Just a short note to tell you that my hand is in great shape and I recommend you to anyone who cares to listen.  More import, though, is to thank you and your team for the concern and very helpful attention which everyone offered me.  You have a great team.

As Peter Chapman, my neighbour, said when I told him that I was about to consult you - "He's a great and caring surgeon who doesn't need a new car."  He was right!!

Best wishes,

John Simpson

- Prof John Simpson

Dear Dr Carter,  I e-mail to you the day after my finger procedure, in utter awe at the way in which I have been cared for, by you and and your incredible Team - at your special Hand Clinic.

Firstly I want to talk to you about your Secretary/Assistant--- Right hand lady, Ulscha….well I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what a fabulous asset she is, a total credit in every way.   She has a nature of pure gold—coupled with such deep knowledge and high intelligence. 

Not to mention her beautiful caring and comforting nature—combined with Endless patience ... a rarity indeed!

Then to thank You for being so honest with me and supportive of me –and so cheerful too in the operating theatre---(to put a nervous wreck like me at ease with your ready sense of humor!)—and great reassurances to me…Many thanks for all your moral backing.   (Just to mention the miraculous nerve block on my hand---Still kicking in --twenty hours later!....Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have That privilege—thus making the entire (mental and physical) trauma for me So doable!

Then to mention Dr Belinda Prestige to you, what an assured and calming anaesthetist she is. I too am incredulous to think that I was allowed to choose to have a very short acting General anaesthetic at the ‘eleventh hour’….(as opposed to a Local one…Never expecting such a choice!)…and then coming out of it so painlessly and quickly. (I plan to spread the word widely of everything I’ve written … to all and sundry!)

My deep gratitude and very best wishes.

Yours sincerely

- Sharon Stoch

Hi Elsje, once again I would like to thank Dr Carter, you and all the staff for the wonderful way I was treated. Dr Carter is a wonderful doctor, and I can't stress enough on how thankful I am to have had him operate on me.

I will be in contact with you once I have booked a flight to come back for my 6 weeks check-up.

Take care,

- Debbie Lindeque

Dear Dr Carter, I attended your practice on Monday 9 Feb 2015 for medical attention to my wrist. Firstly I would like to thank you for the awesome way in which you dealt with me! The biggest thing for me was that you were on time! The first doctor I have ever encountered that runs on time! This is so appreciated as I took time off work and did not have to worry about running late to be back at the office.

Secondly, thank you for the sincerity and kindness shown in dealing with my case, (often patients feel like just a number when seeing medical practitioners, however in my dealings with you I felt the exact opposite) it wasn't a complex case but you explained it to me in terms that I could understand and also advised me of how to take care of my injury and answered all my questions so that I would not have any concerns going forward. You really showed that you cared.  My wrist is feeling hundreds and for the first time since August last year I have no pain!

Thank you a thousand times over!

- Candice Rowe

Dear Elsje, as per our telephonic conversation this morning, I would like you to convey to Dr Carter my sincere appreciation for his kindness in respect of my thumb operation on the 6th of November. Also please let him know that my thumb has recovered very well indeed and is well on the way to complete healing.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Dr Carter's rooms for their friendliness and professionalism and wish you all a very happy Christmas and may the New Year be filled with happiness and good health.

Yours very sincerely,

- Cynthia Rumbold

Dr. Carter, our journey that started with you 5 years ago has been nothing other than a pleasant experience. We will never be able to thank you enough for improving our son’s life by changing his disability into a real ability! Thank you for not only being the best at what you do, but for also being so caring and supportive throughout the process. We cannot imagine recommending anyone other than you

- Mrs B. Janse van Vuuren

Thank you for the understanding and support of a difficult situation. Your assistance and guidance was very professional. We have always received A+ service from you and you were always able to accommodate us.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone!

- Mr A. Janse van Vuuren

Dear Dr Steve Carter, I would really like to thank you sincerely for the wonderful way that you have looked after me since I became your patient. I have never had a procedure that has not had any pain at all and therefore I can resume my life at school immediately. Thank you for your skill and your generosity to me. Best wishes

- Mary Ann Syphus

A big fat Greek thank you!
Hi Dr Carter I just wanted to let you know that my wrist is working like a dream after the surgery in September this year. The scar is almost gone and my hand is back to normal again. Thank you so much for making it such a painless, easy and effortless recuperation. I have to compliment all your staff who have been so efficient, helpful and professional --- it made such a difference. As you know, any kind of surgery is always a nerve-wracking time for the patient and I could not believe how laid-back and confident I felt on the day of surgery at the Sports Science Institute --- there again, everyone was just so competent and conscientious and made me feel utterly relaxed. I also have to thank your anaesthetist, Dr Belinda Prestage, who did a fabulous job of sending me to dreamland! Thanks again and I wish you and your staff a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

All the best always,

- Pepe Sofianos